Wallydix Consult International Limited is registered (RC696597) as a company limited by shares under the companies and Allied Matters Act (1990) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Education is a direct investment in human capital. It is the biggest factor in the equation of human capital development. Education gives knowledge and when knowledge and finance meet, there is the creation of value that can be converted into wealth.

Education can be acquired formally or informally, or a combination of both. Formal education however plays a more prominent role in children’s education, than the informal. The student selects his/her career discipline at the tertiary level of the formal education programme. Unfortunately, in Nigeria, the tertiary institutions have become the headache of both the students and the parents/guardians. For various reasons, undergraduate programmes are unnecessarily prolonged by the incessant closure of institutions. This situation is negatively impacting on the psyche of students and their parents/guardians. Many students are therefore turning their reliance from Nigerian educational institutions to those in other countries. These students need insight to select good schools outside the country. Wallydix Consult International Limited has positioned itself to give value to the students by providing such services to them.

Informal education is more diverse in approach than the formal. One of such diverse approaches is the exposure of the human mind to life differentials. Given the requisite professional services and surplus income, people love to travel to acquire knowledge and experience, people also travel for other personal reasons. Many Nigerians have not been intimated with the dividends derivable from travel and tours. There is sensitization and service gaps to be filled in this regard. You can count on Wallydix Consult International Limited.


Wallydix Consult International Limited is in business to serve its customers as education consultants – to facilitate students admission into overseas schools, provide  information  about  study  abroad  and  international  scholarship  granting bodies, preparer students for international adaptation; as travel and tour service providers – to provide information and data on immigration, travel and tours in Nigeria and globally.


To be a leader in the provision of excellent services in “study abroad”, international scholarship and immigration processes for students, and quality travel and tourism on the Nigerian market.


To actualize its vision, Wallydix will place customer satisfaction at the centre of its business processes and staff training. The company will be customer centric and friendly in all its activities; reaching out to our customers through advertising opportunities, facilities and information beneficial to the customers.


Our Core values

  • Empathy
  • Motivation
  • Reliability
  • Respect for the customer 
  • Solution oriented
  • Belief in Team work 
  • Creativity
  • Innovation