Study Abroad

We represent over 25 universities and colleges around the world  Information on Overseas Schools

  • Students Admission Requirements
  • Associated International Scholarship Bodies
  • Academic Programmes (including courses)
  • Academic Calendars
  • Other Admission Related Information and Immigration Processes
  • Student’s Visa Requirements
  • Intercultural Orientation
  • Students Counseling and Coaching for Visa Interviews and Admission Examinations
  • Registration and preparation of students for the following examinations:


  • Money Transfers

Bank arrangements for transfer of school fees.

Drilling/ Production Chemicals

Drilling Chemicals

Bentonite, Barite, Calcium carbonate, Calcium chloride, Caustic soda, Poly-Anionic Cellulose (PAC), Xanthan gum, Polysaccharide, Sodium chloride, Soda ash, various Lost-Circulation Materials (LCM), Glycol, Mud etc.


Production Chemicals

Ethylene Glycol, Formic Acid, Phosphoric Acid etc.

Solid Control

Effectively and efficiently removing unwanted solids helps to lower fluid dilution rates, decrease the volume of required additives, achieve higher flow rates, and reduce fluid degradation. This helps reduce the cost of maintaining fluid properties, and can decrease or eliminate the volume of solid and liquid waste that must be transported for disposal. We provide solutions that deliver maximum solids removal to help you minimize your operational expenses.

  • Drilling Solid control
  • Waste Management
  • Provision of airtight cutting skips
  • Cutting disposals (Provision of Thermal Disorption Unit (TDU)

Civil Works

We performs all aspects of civil works, which include

  • Engineering construction and management
  • Scaffolding and concrete work
  • Facility maintenance and management (Buildings, industrial plants, roads)

Consultancy Services

Our consultancy services includes

  • Engineering Services (o-50,000man-hour)
  • Training/Manpower development, Contract Negotiation & Advise
  • Design Fabrication
  • EPC & Project Management